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Lifestyle Entrepreneur

A year and 3 months ago I sold my business. And I even wrote about it in a previous blog article that can be found here. In that post I made some claims that I have come to learn to be a bit different about myself and my goals.

The first falsity is that there is something wrong with being a Lifestyle Entrepreneur. I define that as someone who has a business that provides them with a decent lifestyle for themselves and their employees. They are not interested in being the next Apple or Microsoft. Oh sure they would not mind it but really do not want to put forth the effort and sacrifices they would need to make in order to get there. In fact they have realized something that has taken me all this time to learn – the business exists to serve the stakeholders!

I also made a statement that if you are not growing as a business you are dying. Well I think I was wrong on that point to. There is much to be said for being a stable business. You do have to be constantly watching the future business landscape and you can not just sit by and think that your customers will always be there. You have to constantly innovate and provide great products/services for your customers. But it must be a win/win for both the business and the customer! At any point if one entity is getting over on the other, it will not be healthy. But more on that later.

So I think it is ok to be a Lifestyle Entrepreneur as what is really important is providing for your family not only monetarily but more important with your time. There are those business owners out there that are doing just that and I applaud them. They have made it where their business serves their needs and the needs of their community.

So if I know what I know now, would I have still sold? Great question! I have learned a lot about myself and my dreams. I have learned a lot about my limits and what I really enjoy as well.

God has a purpose in all things, if only I could get Him to send me an email!

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2 thoughts on “Lifestyle Entrepreneur

  1. Great blog and comments, Sean. Struggle with the same feelings too as a small business owner and trying to balance maintaining and the extra effort to grow the business more with the importance of having quality time too with family and enjoying other activities such as golf!

    • Sean F. on said:

      I am learning that the only achievement that I will accomplish that has lasting impact will be the impact I leave through my family. What my children learn from me will last longer than any solution I develop for a customer!

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