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Passion . . .

Passion is defined as “any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate. ” (from

We often look for things to define our level of passion for a particular thing or aspect of our life. Are you passionate about work or are you passionate about a particular belief. But in looking at that definition it begs me to truly question if we are passionate about much of anything!

When we are passionate about something we typically act! But how many of us sit on the side line with no action?

I have lots of passions!

I am passionate about my family.

I am passionate about hunting.

I am passionate about managed services and small business.

I am passionate about being an entrepreneur.

But I am also passionate in words only in other areas.

I should be passionate about my faith in Christ.

I should be passionate about my close friends.

I should be passionate about reaching others for Jesus.

So near is an exercise for you:

Take out your recent bank statement.

Write down the names of every place you spent money at in the last two months. Take out your mortgage for the list.

Total the spending and then give them categories.

And Viola you have your passions! These are the ones you spend money on!!!

Do we need to revisit our passions? Are there some adjustments? Are we willing to make those adjustments?

Do we need to stop and start living our passions? Or better yet do we need to soul search and define new passions? Are the ones on our list the right passions to have?

So what are your passions?

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One thought on “Passion . . .

  1. verseun on said:

    Nice plan to start diverting resources to things that matter

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