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Integrity . . .

“Doing what is right when no one is looking” is my favorite definition of integrity I have ever heard.

You see so often integrity is used as one of the values for many companies. In fact I did a quick google search on “integrity company values” and found no less than four (4) companies on the first result page that all listed integrity as one of their core values.

But it does make me wonder for you see integrity is not something you say but rather something you do. It is your actions versus your words. It is your stance in the face of adversity and potential ridicule. It is your unfailing commitment to not waver even though no one will likely catch you.

But here is the rub, what is “right”? The moment you have to rationalize the decision is the moment we should question our integrity. I have watched decisions be made that “appear right” until you dig and find motives. I have heard words said and then actions are opposite of those very words. And all with “integrity” as a core value.

I wonder if integrity is something other than just a moniker that has great market value or sounds good on a wall plaque. I wonder if we really mean it when we say we want to have integrity.

Integrity is not something you grasp but something you are. There is no partial level of integrity. You either are or you are not. Either you act with Integrity or you do not.

Good news is that there is always grace. Grace to correct our path and recover with integrity. To accept our failings and to change direction. To admit our mistakes and to discover a new path. To truly act with integrity and to do what is right when no one is looking.

Do you have it? Do I have it? The proof is in our actions not our words.

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