“Do or Do Not. There is no try”

So what drives me to consider another blog on this over-populate etherscape we call the Internet? What could I possibly say that will not have already been said? Or what will even be said that someone will listen to or read?
Great questions for sure but what is driving me to this new venture is a desire to be a part of change even if it is only one person that is impacted by something I might say or even the way I say it. You see, I am rather blunt and not afraid of much, some would argue with that last statement but that will come later for sure. As a result readers will be sure to get a pure unadulterated view into my thoughts around a variety of topics.

So what is the overlying theme behind this new venture? Honest perspective of the world, technology, business and entrepreneurship with a hint of spiritual context thrown in to keep us all honest. I am confident you will hear my bias and see life through a unique set of eyes. Sometimes you may not like what you read and sometimes you might cry or laugh. But hopefully one thing happens, you pause and think. No one is asking you to agree but simply think about your own life and what you could make better. Maybe I can point you in some direction or steer you clear from something.

A lot of my experiences will be around small business (I have owned five separate business, sold two of them and always contemplating the next one). Most will be about technology as two out of the three businesses have been technology companies. I will speak to my experiences and maybe something in these writings will give you insight into your experiences.

There will be a very strong Christian bent to all that is said but I am also sure you will wonder at times if the thoughts are Christian. “We are all imperfect people in a imperfect world.” But it will be real. No fluff, no posturing, and no posing (that will make sense later)

There will be passion in what I write because I am VERY passionate about what I believe and what I think. Will I be right? Maybe but I will be real.