Fear . . .

I have been thinking about this topic for quite some time as it really drives so many actions and inactions by people.

Fear is a tremendous motivator. It can motivate people to complete inaction or cause a tremendous amount of action. So is fear in and of itself bad?

YES! But it can be harnessed for good.

So let’s investigate that together.

On the bad side of the coin, fear will drive many people to be completely frozen in a status of inactivity. Fear of what others think keeps you from being your true self. Fear of change keeps you in the same situation. Fear of failure causes you to never try new things. Fear of pain keeps you from going on that date because you might get hurt again. Fear of the unknown will keep in a dark cloud instead of moving into the known.

But on the good side of the coin, fear of failure can make you try harder to deliver good results. Fear of falling will make you be safe. In fact in rock climbing we often would say the day you stop being afraid is the day you need to stop climbing.

So fear can be the single biggest motivator for you to step out and make that change that you need to make.

Fear can drive you or it freeze you.
Your choice.
What are you afraid of?