Excellence: “the state or quality of excelling or being exceptionally good;extreme merit”

“Being exceptionally good”, now that is a big statement.

In this world today, it seems that being average is the standard. Years ago a good friend and I were having one of those deep conversations about what made certain people different. We spent many hours postulating over why most accepted mediocrity for their lives and were not willing to be “excellent”. Well what we concluded was the following:

“Most individuals idea of excellence is our idea of mediocrity”

This was something that has stuck with me for years now ever since Chad and I sat there in our apartment and had our deep conversation. But to me no where is this more prevalent than in many churches today.

So back to Excellence. Think of your church, what are they truly excellent at? Be honest, brutally honest. Not looking for good or even OK but honest to God excellence. Did you find anything? Shouldn’t everything be excellent when it comes to God’s children and His home? But do budgets, operations, staff, and “tradition” get in the way? (Disclaimer: I LOVE traditions!)

Think to the old church days (pre 1800) and look at the things they brought to the world with respect to excellence. Cathedrals, Art, Music, and Literature. Ever seen an illuminated biblical manuscript or walked through St. Peters in Rome? WOW! Ever listened to Handel’s Messiah or seen Michelangelo’s David? That is excellence!

Yes I know all about the missteps of the church.

But the church set the example for so many areas in the past but now the majority sit on the sideline and let the world set the standard for us. We look to copy instead of create. Remember early Christian contemporary music, ouch! But it has gotten much better in the years since.

The church needs to look at how to be excellent! People will rush to see excellence! Authenticate excellence is what God is all about! God did not create an average world just look at a sunset or marvel at how your hands work or how the body can breathe without you thinking about it.

We wonder why our youth abandon the church. What are we offering them? We offer mediocrity and luke warm faith. Sure some will make an argument for consumerization of the church but I am starting to think that is just an excuse to keep doing what we have always done. I do not believe Christians should “church-hop” because their “needs” are not being met or they are not entertained. What they should do is fight to make their church excellence.

Do not accept mediocrity.

Jesus did not die mediocre and He surely did not save the world half ass.

So what is our excuse?