Living . . .

NOTE: This post is from 2012 . . .

So let’s start with a story. This year I really started hunting deer with a bow. I hunted last year but not too seriously. This year is a very different story though. I hunted just about every opportunity I got! On opening day of deer season (rifle), I got my first buck! WOW! Completely exhilarating and buck fever set in like nobodies business. Last day of rifle season, got another deer! Man was I pumped!

But then I got my first deer with a bow and I had an epiphany as I was field dressing the deer, “This is what God had in mind when He made man!”

You see I have owned three businesses, sold two of them and done some great business deals in my days. I have traveled all over the world for business and achieved some great moments. I wrote a book and saw it on the shelves at Barnes and Nobles. And all those moments were remarkable but all pale in comparison to getting that last deer.
But the killing of a deer with a bow is not really the deal. Being in the room when my three children were born was better than any deer hunt! Seeing my wife walk down the aisle on our wedding day still gives me goose bumps like nothing else!! But still there was something unique about the experience with the deer.

You see that day I was all alone in the woods when that deer came running up to where I was. I still do not get why your heart starts to pound like no tomorrow when a deer shows up but I do know that I got to experience a remarkable moment with God that day.

I was able to provide food for my family with this hunt and it was not shooting an animal at 150 yards but rather being completely silent and still so that the deer would get within 20 yards. Then carefully and slowly draw the bow and take a careful shot. But it did not stop there, I had to go field dress the deer and haul it out of the woods.
The adventure of it was remarkable! The challenge was tangible and yet indescribable.

And that is when I realized that God did NOT intend man to live life on the coach or in an arm chair!! He intended man to LIVE!

Living is not sitting there watching a sports game on TV or going to a movie to watch someone have an adventure. Living is not living through the experience of others.

Living is getting so cold you can barely sit still waiting for an animal that may or may not show up. Living is playing ball with your son or daughter in the backyard! Living is taking your children out to the woods and showing them the creation that God has made.

Living is showing them how to make a fire, roast a marshmallow, skin a fish, clean a deer, and then make sure you leave the woods like you found them.

Living is providing for your family, helping your wife with the dishes (ok that is pushing it I know), loving your wife more than yourself, dreaming with your wife and respecting her!

Living is not a spectator sport but being in the game! You see God made man to provide, to hunt, to have adventure and to LIVE.

You cannot live life safely and expect to see all that God has for you. Especially as a man!

No more arm chair quarterbacks, go coach a team of underprivileged kids that have not seen a REAL man in a long time. No watching Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, go teach your daughter how to dance and your son to open the door for his sisters!

Go dig a garden for your wife! Go hunt/fish for dinner! Get outside and live the life God has created in this remarkable world.

So you see hunting is not the answer for your manhood, living the life God intended is the answer and He did not create you to be a spectator.
Now go live!