Being a Dad . . .

As I watch my children grow and change before my very eyes, I marvel at what God has given me in my kids. I watch my girls love attention from me and want me to “see” them. “Daddy, look at me dance” or “Daddy, watch me do this” and my son just wanting to punch me in the arm and have me punch him back!

But what has really hit me recently is watching my son slowly become more interested in being with me. I got home earlier than the rest of the family tonight and my wife told me how excited he was to see that I was home. He came right out to the backyard where I was shooting my bow and he talked non-stop the whole time! It was awesome!

I also reflect on the fact that I must BE an example to him. I must show him how to love a woman by loving my wife. I must show him how to work by exhibiting a strong work ethic. I must show him how to be a man by being a man. It will not be enough to talk about it and say “do this or do that”. Instead I must BE the man I want him to grow into.

And my girls! My littlest one is absolutely becoming a daddy’s girl. On our vacation, she got up early one morning and wanted to do nothing but snuggle with Dad and watch Bone Collector together. How awesome was that?!

My oldest, NG, actually scheduled an early morning date with me over vacation to do the same thing! She said “Daddy, can we have a date tomorrow morning and get up before the other kids and watch Bone Collector together?” What Dad in his right mind would turn that down!

Being a Dad is an awesome job but filled with lots of peril if we try to do it outside of a relationship with Jesus. So I must focus my efforts on BEING a Dad by BEING a son of the heavenly Father.

I love my kids and being with them is the greatest honor God could ever have bestowed on me.

God, please help me to BE a Great Dad . . .