Hard . . .

So some folks may have noticed that I try to title my posts with a single word or phrase followed by an ellipse. And then I try to end my post with that same word or phrase. No particular reason but just a style thing for me.

Writing a blog everyday is hard stuff. As a writer, you struggle with “do people really want to hear this stuff?” or my personal favorite is where I sit down to write and NOTHING! I mean nothing comes to mind. My typical answer is not to post anything but I need to get past the writers block and just put down the topics that I have running around in this head.

Now for the real topic of this post, hard.

Life is hard. Love is hard. But nothing is more important that living a life full of love. I still remember how hard is was for my wife to carry three babies and give birth to our wonderful children but she did it well and full of love.

When something is hard it typically means it is worth doing. Not always but still worth evaluating.

Living a life full of love is our main job. Jesus said it best (kinda helps that He is God) “Love your neighbor as yourself”. When you live a life full of love, everything changes!

No more selfish behavior . . . You know most of our bad behavior is simply because we are selfish. If we love then we cannot be selfish. If we look for opportunities to love others, we cannot fail.

But let me put one thing into absolute clarity, love is NOT acceptance! Love is not looking the other way when evil happens, love is not avoiding conflict and so many others things love is not.

The choices are not always easy but to make those choices in love is the right answer.
Life is hard but live a life full of love and watch what happens!

Hard . . . yes but so worth it!