Transitions . . .

Note: This article is from 2012

Sorry for the long delay in posts, my biological father passed away last week and I was waiting to finish that processing before I typed an article about the experience.

I got to say goodbye sorta and I got to say hello.

I was able to call him Dad for the first time in 30+ years (I will admit it still feels weird but I am ok with it now).

I got to say I love you and hear him say the same.

He got to have his last scotch and water.

And then I got the call from my uncle that he was making the “transition”. I will admit at first I was not sure how to take that word but now I understand. He had finally said “I am done with this mess, time to go home.”

And so within a couple of hours, he was home.

Transitions are a part of life and obviously death. It is the grace in which you handle those transitions that define a person often times.

How do you miss someone you never really knew?

How do you handle knowing that there are things about yourself you will never know because the one of the persons who influenced your genetic makeup is gone?

How do you reconcile that perhaps if I had made a stronger attempt to connect that the connection could have been made?

So those are all transitions that I will experience. And perhaps in there if you find yourself in the same circumstances, you can find the grace to handle the transition.

And do not let those questions go unanswered for yourself. Reach out, ask the questions, and risk the things you are afraid of. If not, you may never know and well which is worst?

Now for the next transition, what will it be?