Glidecam vs Crane 2 vs Ronin M – UG!!!

As I work on ramping up a video production company, we have looking at all kinds of gear to get our production ready. One of the things that we really are looking for is quality steady footage. There are lots of ways to achieve this but we have to consider our unique needs (on a boat, in the woods and all around mobile shooting.)

So I have spent the last few days reviewing every video on youtube I could find regarding these kinds of devices.

The first I looked at was the GlideCam XR-Pro

This is a great option but in every review, the setup time and the learning curve was just too steep. Most mentioned that you are looking at least a month to get proficient with the GlideCam. My concern is that we would grow too frustrated with it and then never use it.

So then I started looking at the other end of the spectrum, the Ronin M.

This thing is amazing! The shots I saw and footage were just flat out fantastic. However after watching 2 hours worth of reviews and footage, it is too cumbersome for our usage scenario. The options are crazy with the Ronin M. It comes with a remote for a 2-person crew which is great but our entire crew is two and one of us has to be in the shot!

This is still a piece of equipment we will add to our setup but not right now.

Then it came to the Zhiyun Crane 2.  This is the device we have settled on. It interfaces with our camera, provides great footage and appears to be really what we are looking for in a run-gun kind of setup we need. Easy to pack, easy to setup and has a lot of controls right at our fingertips. Has follow focus and we can even setup our iPhone to act as a tracking device for following the subject when one of us needs to film solo.

Now to get filming . . .